Indian Business Exchange is a B2B exchange established to promote trade with industry in India

Indian Business Exchange

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C M A Enterprise
C P Battery
C R Technology
C S S Honey Bee Farm.
C Yarn International
C. I. Pipes Mfg. Corp.
C. P. Marketing
C.J.Mehra & Sons
C.R.Mills (Coimbatore) Pvt. Ltd
C.S. International
Cable Glands and Accessories India
Calcium & Minerals India
Calibre Chemicals
Calico India Exports
Callista Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Caltech Engineering Services
Calzini Fashions Ltd.
Cambay Technopack
Canam International Pvt. Ltd
Canara Engineers PVT Limited
Cancri Impex Private Limited
Candid Solutions
Capable Marketing & Ads
Capital Impex
Capital Iron Industries
Capital Tool Industries
Capital Woollen and General Mills
Capricorn Metal Tradings
Capron Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
Carbide Scrap India
Carbon Mining Company
Carbon Weld India
Carbone Lorraine Madras Ltd
Carborundum Universal Limited
Carborundum Universal Ltd.
Care Chem Remedies
Care Container Lines Pvt Ltd
Careway Pvt Ltd
CargoCare Shipping Agencies (India)
Cargoz International
Carnation Industries Ltd.
Carry More Cranes
Casewell Services
Cashew Supply
Caspian LLC
Cassanova Textiles
Cast & Alloys

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Agriculture - Energy - Fiberglass - Glass - Metal - Mineral
Paper - Plastic - Recycling - Rubber - Textiles - Tires - Wood

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