Indian Business Exchange is a B2B exchange established to promote trade with industry in India

Indian Business Exchange

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Impulse India
Inca Maritime
Incotex Agro Pvt. Ltd.
Ind Auto MotoTurnings Pvt. Ltd.
Ind Metal Extrusions P Ltd
Indal Hydro Extrusions Ltd.
Indcon Projects & Equipment Ltd.
Indenta Chemicals (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
Index Automats Engineering
India Reliance Industries Limited
India Brass
India Coal Depot & Electricals
India Electric Works
India Factory
India Impex
India Inc.
India Metals
India Nut Bolt Centre
India Polymer
India Rubber Chemicals
India Thermit
India Ultrasound
India Wire Rope Company
Indian Abrasives
Indian Alloys Private Limited
Indian Art & Handicraft House
Indian Business Machine & Services
Indian Chemical Company
Indian Concast Pvt Ltd
Indian Container Leasing Company Limited
Indian Harvesters
Indian Institute of Pulses Research
Indian Metal Alloys
Indian Overseas Corporation
Indian Pipes Pvt Ltd
Indian Plastic Agency
Indian Plywood Industries Research & Training Institute
Indian Scrap Traders
Indian Silk Industries
Indian Soul Inc.
Indian Steel Company
Indiana Conveyors Ltd.
Indiana Gratings Pvt. Ltd.
Indiawel Enterprises
Indira Enterprieses
Indman Consultants
Indo Amines Ltd
Indo Berolina Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Indo Foreign Agencies Pvt. Ltd.
Indo French Associates

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Agriculture - Energy - Fiberglass - Glass - Metal - Mineral
Paper - Plastic - Recycling - Rubber - Textiles - Tires - Wood

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